Difference betwen Apple pay, Apple Payment and Apple Cash

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Most of us are aware about Apple Pay feature, however many of us are still confused between Apple Pay, Apple payment and Apple cash.

First let us explore Apple pay. Apple pay is contactless payment method for making purchase online and instore where contacless POS is used for collection of payment. Not all contries support Apple pay. Check the list of countries here. where apple pay is available. Your contrty is linked to your apple id while setting up your iPhone for the first time or while creating a new apple ID.

How Apple Pay works

Apple pay processed payment using NFC chip inside your iPhone. You can also use Apple pay on specific models of iPads and Macbook. However it is not logical to make payment using macbook or iMac. Apple pay replicate your debit or credit card on your device NFC chip and

Does Apple pay require internet or cellular network?

No, once your card is linked to your apple id, it does not require any mobile internet, wifi or cellular network for payment. You can make payment while your phone is on aeroplane mode.

Do all cards support Apple Pay ?

Even if your country support apple pay, it is not possible for all cards to support Apple pay. Check the list of your banks or bank specific website if they support Apple pay. Not all banks and/or cards support Apple pay.

Can i withdrwa cash using Apple pay at ATM?

No, currently cash withdrawal is not available with any bank atm in any country.

Is Apple pay safe?

Absolutely, Even if your phone is near to POS terminal, it require finger print authenticaton for payment to be processed.

Apple Payment

Apple payment is feature in iOS used for purchase of App Store application and subscription. As it is inbuilt feature of iOS system, it is available in all country. Apple pay only works with credit or debit card while you can use paypal, bank account and cards with Apple payment. Apple payment is for on;ine purchase and subcription. You can not use Apple payment instore at POS.

Apple Cash

Apple cash is a wallet application only available in United States as of now. It may support other countries in future. A person can send or receive money just by sending an iMessege. It is one type of digital wallet.

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