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Apple id is the first thing you need to link with your new iOS device. If you do not have the one, you can create it here using any of your exsting email id. Your Apple ID password should be different from email Password for better security. However, you can use same passwords for both.

Details required for creating Apple ID

While creating Apple ID, few basic details required.

  • First name, Last name
  • Billing address
  • Mobile Number
  • City, Country and Pin Code
  • Payment method.
  • Security questions and answers (in case you forget password)

Address is required for billing of digital purchase and subscription you will made in future. You can skip payment method option by selecting None if you do not wish to link any payment method initially.

What if I forget password of Apple ID ?

Your mobile number is required for two-factor authenticaion (if you choose) and password reset in case you forget password.

If you do not have access to linked mobile number with your Apple id in case of lost password, only option is security questions. However it sometimes ask complsory authentication form linked mobile number. So it may create problem for you to reset password. So it is always recommend to link updated mobile number with Apple Id.

Do I need seperate Apple id for other iDevice?

No, you just need one Apple ID for all your iDevices. However you can use different Apple ID in different device but it may create data synchrnisation problem. So best practice is to use single Apple ID on all you iDevices and Apple love this.

You will get 5 GB of data storage space on Apple server called “iCloud” with each Apple ID. You can save your important data here. If you want more space, you need to subscribe to apple storage plans

Monthly price by storage size in USD is as below ( as of 2016, may change later) For latest price click here.

  • 5GB: free
  • 50GB: $0.99
  • 200GB: $2.99
  • 2TB: $9.99

When you use multiple devices, it is more likely that you may run out of basic free plan. So best practice is to store only important data on iCloud to save space and money.

You can choose what to store on iCloud and what not.

Go to settings > iCloud

Toggle the switch beside all applications for which you want to save data on iCloud. Turn off all unnecessary. It is always recommend to save contacts, messege, wallet and photos to iCloud.

If you run out of basic 5GB storage plan and dont wish to go for payment plan, you can delete unncessary data on iCloud.

Clikc Settings and go to icloud

Select Manage Storage below iCloud Storage and delete unncessary hige files after backup to computer or other portable storage device.


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