Find problems in Mac using Apple hardware test or Diagnostics tool

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Mac operating system have inbuilt feature of identifying common issues with hardware. So you don’t need to run to repair shop for some common problems. You can easily identify common problems and rectify by your own. For example is RAM is causing issue, you can replace it by your own without incurring any additional repair cost.

Difference between Apple Hardware Test and Apple Diagnostics Tool

Mac computer released before June 2013 uses Apple hardware test while those manufactured after June 2013 uses Apple Diagnostics tool. Both have simillar function to identify common hardware issues. However, Diagnostics tool provide more and detailed information about hardware issues.

In addition to this, Apple has its own diagnostics tool called “Apple Service Diagnostics” which is available only at Apple Store. ASD is more advanced compared to inbuilt tools.

How to run Hardware Test tool?

  • Restart your Mac
  • Press and hold D key
  • Select language
  • Start Test

Once scan is completed, it will display result on screen.

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