iPhone restart and hard reset shortcuts

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Many a time, your iPhone goes out of your control and start behaving abnormally. Sometimes, iPhone restart becomes hard task.  The biggest disadvantage of iPhones is it does not allow expandable memory. You have to end up with what you purchased initially. Though Apple offers different variants of phones as per inbuilt memory size, most of the people end up with lower segments to save extra bucks. With constrained storage space, it becomes difficult to manage your device. This may lead to hanging and poor performance and sometimes it becomes non-responsive. Let us know how can we handle such situations without any hurdle.


In case your iPhone hangs a lot, you need to control background running process and remove apps to free memory is extremely necessary. For this, you may download app Power Clean from the app store. It will help you to boost the performance and speed up your device. It is also a good tool for junk removal.


To free RAM immediately without restarting your device,

Press and hold the power button until the slide to power off appears. Release the power button and press home button until the slide to power off disappears. You will find homescreen with boosted performance. But this is temporary until you restrict background running apps


You can stop running background apps which are not required to run on backstage. You may allow some apps as per your need.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh 

Select those apps only which you want to run in the background and turn off others.


Blank Screen

Many a time, we face the problem of a blank screen. All you need to do is just hard reset your device by default. Sometimes a hard reset is not effective and we need to consider device specific method to restart/reboot your iOS device.


For iPhone 8 series and iPhone X

• Click and release volume up button
• Click and release volume down button
• Now hold power button until iPhone restart


For all other iPhone models

• Press volume down button and power button simultaneously until apple logo appears

To hard reset your devices,
• Press and hold the power button and home key together for 10 sec until the apple logo appears.

In case of a network error, you can reset network and setting. Resetting does not cause any data loss. So is for home screen/layout reset and location/privacy reset.


General > Reset > Network and Settings/ Home screen and layout/Location and privacy/ Keyboard and dictionary


To erase all content and settings in iPhone, ( Factory Reset )
• Go to General > Reset > Erase all content and settings.


If anything above does not work, there are more chances that your phone has gone into critically low battery mode. Just plug into the charger. It may take 15 to 20 min to boot your device.


Still not working?

Contact nearest apple service center. They may update your iOS software to the latest version free of cost. They may charge you for any hardware problems if any. Make sure you periodically backup your device with iTunes or imazing. Apart from iTunes, imazing offer single file backup which is easy to manage as you can relocate it as per your convenience to any internal or external drives.

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