What is mobile root ?

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The term “root” is related to Android devices same as term Jailbreak is for iOS devices. We will learn what exactly is mobile root is. Root is not limited to mobile phones. It is applicable to all devices run on Android or iOS. It can be tablet, TV, SmartWatch or anything. But here we will discuss things related to the Android mobile device only.



Rooting is the process to gain complete access to your device. What does it mean for complete access? Well, the device you use is not completely yours. Lets us go into details. suppose that you purchased the new mobile phone, and you set it up initially with inserting sim card and connecting to the internet. Now you find some pre-installed apps on your new device, which is installed by the company to promote their brand or compulsory use. You can not remove such apps from your settings. Many a time, company forcefully offer some apps as pre-installed apps to make revenue from this advertising. It may not affect you much if you have sufficient space left on your device. But it may surely affect the performance of the device. Such apps constantly run background apps which can not be disabled. This also reduces battery life drastically. Moreover some companies, constantly receive data from your devices without your knowledge of their product improvement and device performance. This also needs constant data consumption and affect battery.


Mobile Root

So basically rooting your device, allow us to remove such apps from your devices. So this rooting is only to remove these pre-installed apps? The answer is No. You can install some unique third-party apps which you may not able to install on the non-rooted device. We will discuss such apps in other articles. Rooting also offers you the freedom to manage your device in your own way. But make sure you are a pro, before making any experiments on your device. Rooting will immediately void your device warranty if any. As no company would like to give up their revenue from advertisement and customer feedback for their product improvement. So they put restriction by cutting warranty of the device if it is rooted. This is why most people refrain themselves to root their device in spite numerous benefits from it.




Though there are many advantages of rooting your android device, there are also some limitations of the same. So,we recommend you to try rooting on your old devices with no warranty left.

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