What is iTunes and App Store

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iTunes is the software developed by Apple to create bridge between iOS device and computer. You need iTunes software to transfer data to and from iOS device and computer. Here computer means any desktop or laptop running on operating systems like linux, windows or MacOS. It does not need ot be only Apple computer.

You are required to download iTune Application from Apple website specific to you cmputer operating system (windows, MACOS or linux)

Click here to download latest iTunes Application from Apple website

Make sure you select your relevant country before downloading iTunes.

Once you download and install application on your computer, It requires you to login using Apple ID and password (same as of you iOS device)

After login, you will able to synchronise your iDevie and backup if required. Your backup file is encrypted and lined to your specific apple ID. So even if someone have access to this backup file, they will not able toretrive details unless they restore it on iDevice using same Apple ID and Password.

iTunes will ask you to enter Apple ID password everytime you launch the application.

You can make digital purchase like paid application, songs, movies and podcast on iTunes right into your computer. All your purchases are linked to your Apple ID. So you can access all purchases in all your devices with same Apple ID.

App Store

As name suggest, it is the store where all applications are available to download on your iDevice. It is similar to play store in Android operating system. Just like you need google id (gmail) to download any application, here it requires Apple ID for the same. App strore is country specific, so you will only see application available to country linked to your apple id. But compared to PlayStore, it is easy to change country and go to another App Store. PlayStore only allows to change country once a year while you can change App Store countries number of time as required provided that you just know pin code of the linked city in that specific country. It is easy to find this online. In this way you can download any application listed in another country and come switch back to your own country oince download finish.

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