Cyber bullying on social media is now illegal in New Zealand

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Social media has emerged as a platform to publish your selfies. Selfies to opinions, opinions to reactions, reactions to arguments. These arguments resules in heat transfer easily. This is battle of modern era.

Social media posts and their reactions can be abusive too. Bullying and trolling are result of these abusive reactions.

New zealand’s new law on cyber bulying

New zealand banned cyber bulying and trolling on social media by passing a law called “Harmful Digital Communication Bill” causing serios emotional destress can land a person in prison for up to 2 years. An agency will work with social media platform to remove these abusive content within 48 hrs.

Freedom of speech?

It may be seen as a bold move by government of New Zealand to ban cyber bullying, but it can also be seen as a way to curb freedom of speech. It is important to keep in mind that abusive behavior need to be prevented. Opinions expressed in dignified amnners should not be gagged.


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