You don’t need tons of resources to make significant change. Your small effort can make huge difference and here is an incident I am sharing with you. I did my best possible, which worked very well.

One evening, I was at local market to purchase my groceries.  While I was making payment, I saw two kids playing nearby.  It was a moment of nostalgia for me.  I went to memories long back. This brought light smile on my face. Duos noticed this and came near me looking curiously. Very next moment, I was in present.

Just to initiate conversation, I asked them few random questions like which standard they study. One of them said he is in 3rd while another didn’t respond. Instead, he was looking nervous. I am not that good at face reading and understanding body language, but it could be easy for anyone to find something wrong over there. To confirm this, I again asked a linked question. I asked him about his school. Once again there was a pin drop silence.

I turned to another kid. He told me, he studies in XYZ school nearby, but he does not go to school. Now I was sure there was something fishy. I wanted to know actual reason behind this, but same time I don’t want to present myself as detective.  I bought them chocolate and started talking on random topics, Meanwhile, I asked him, why he does not go to school.  This, changed his facial expressions, and made me uncomfortable. I want to get to the roots anyhow. Before he could gulp the words, I immediately put my hand on his shoulders. Touch is the another most powerful sensation. It can do miracle when used at right time and right place. And here I made a goal. He uttered; school has not provided him books. I remained quiet to get most out of him. I make myself sure that my inquiry does not make him uncomfortable. I tried to avoid putting more question marks at end. Meanwhile I asked him his name, standard and few irrelevant questions. Even though, his childish language was difficult to understand, I still manage to get most out of it. He said his father does not have sufficient money, so he has told him not to go to school. This was really disappointing for me as it was condition of national capital of India. Even I could get him books, but what about other students like him. This was clear non-compliance of directives of government. School is bound to provide books and uniforms to its students in need. The Right to Education Act makes it mandatory for government and private schools to provide free books and uniforms to its students.

I thought about this issue and what can be done in such case. I was thinking to approach that school, But I realised there would not be fruitful output by this. So I decided to approach Delhi Education Minister, who was also Deputy CM. I dropped a mail with relevant details and asked him to look into matter if something can be done. Amid my surprise, very next morning, I got copy of a mail directed to Director of Education, to look into the case. After few days, I received a call from school principal asking me about my compliant. Here, I’m skipping conversation between us, as my goal was achieved.  Finger crossed.

My intention is not to get admired for my did. This is just to make people aware about their capabilities. I hope, this would encourage you to do something if you come across the similar situation. Together we can change, together we can make difference. Jai hind.

(Note: Names and other details are intentionally kept hidden to maintain the privacy of all associated persons and place as I believe that system with bottleneck is more responsible than any individual)

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