Stepping down

Stepping down

It has been so long since I was thinking to start wrting blog. And finally, here is the day. Everyone has some hidden talent which they need to explore and master. Most of the time it is remained untouched and we started living life under predefined set of rules. Very few of us take risk and start chasing their dreams. And so I was an accidental engineer. If someone ask me what would be that if not engineering, I would prefer teacher. In fact our society needs doctors or engineers only, as it is easiest way to get rich and get respect.

From very beginning of the time, my inclination was more towards reading. This habit changed my perception about life and people completely. I explored myself and tried to understand world better. I don’t want to walk on straight path from birth to death. In fact I want to roam around and create beautiful curves. I want to live, not to survive. And one day, I realized I am artistic in my mind. Just because I fit, does not mean, I should do it. Accepted that my education has contributed lot to get me into this stage, but I was piece of someone else’s pizza.

With all courage and with urge of doing something specific, I logged out from corporates. As obvious, my family supported me for this. My destiny bring me to Delhi, city with vivid colors and shapes. I believe, Cities contribute a lot on your overall growth. Type of environment in which you live and people you surround yourself, have significant impact on your thoughts and actions. It has changed my perception lot more than that I acquired form reading. Cities are society made up of infinite individuals.

As per me, Society is merely a mental concept, at most we all are selfish individuals. Society thinks that artists can never make the world, better place to live. That’s why they have excluded them. Unfortunately nothing has done so far for their social acceptance.

In our society, success is measured in terms of money. More the money, more successful you are. Behind this, we are loosing out mental peace. For me, life is not about following predefined rules. So lets us break the barrier and listen to our heart.

Here I would like to quote few lines from a famous poet. Actual lines are in different language. I am translating it here.

“Perception vary from mind to mind,

Wish vary from prayer to prayer,

Though there is only one sea,

I had routed entire plot of my life when I was kid, but the plan I had inked was just mere imagination for this world. .
I was confused. Is it just me who has got an different process of thinking or the world does not allow me to live it.

All i want is to draw beautiful line between two points of my life-
My Birth and My Death. But I saw people dominating this path.
I saw people making decisions of my life.
I am forced to draw a straight line between these two points which is just too boring.
I am a free soul and I see people invading this space. I have always dreamt of flying. But …

to be continue..

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