Social media etiquette

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Social networking has become part of our everyday life. People share their lifestyle and activity on social media on daily basis. Most of us are not aware of social media etiquette. Just like your responsibility in society, there are basic rules you need to follow on social media.

Social Media Etiquette

Social media etiquette



Many of us are not aware of what to post, which details to provide and whom to share. Every social networking site has its own privacy features. But most people are not aware of its significance. This varies for person and company. For your business, there are different etiquette than for an individual. You do not need to fill each and every detail requested. Not everyone deserves to know everything about you. For an individual, provide as many details that any stranger needs to know.

Do not mention your accurate address, salary, your past relationship or breakups. You may mention the mobile number, but make sure it is limited to your circle only. Do not update when you are out of home for holidays. You may post updates later. It is not recommended but still ok to disclose your political views. You don’t need to use harsh language on the public platform. You don’t need to carry swords every day.  Respond politely no matter how aggressive condition is.



Do not promote on an individual profile. You can have a separate business profile for promotion and other activities. You may promote your product or service on a personal profile but make sure it doesn’t annoy other users.



Scan unknown friend request and their intentions. There are people who send a random friend request to you and do not even care to look into your profile. While some have secret intention. Do not add anyone unless you identify their clear intention. Most of the time people add to promote themselves or service/brand they endorse.

Engage with more people already on your list. Respond to the personal message on time. If someone has seen your message and not replied, you don’t need to be feeling ignored. Respect user’s privacy.  Give them space and time.



This simple social media etiquette can help you while using social media effectively. If you like the article, please share the love.


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