How Apple Card is different from other credit cards?

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After Apple payment and Apple pay, Apple is going to launch it revolutionary product called Apple Card.

Apple card is a type of credit card to be used with Apple pay.

How Apple card is different.

No Annual Fee

You read it right, Apple comes with no annual fee credit card. However your eligibility depends on your credit score and other factors.


Apple Cards comes with guarrunted cash back feature. You will get 3% cashback on everything you buy from Apple, 2 % cashback for everything you buy using Apple Pay and 1 % cashback on all other purchases made online and instore using Apple card.


You can see on map where and how much you spent as per location

Weekly and monthly Insights

This is the best featire Apple card can have, according to me. You can track all your spending as per category and plan your budget as per. Monthly and weekly insights gives you accurate idea about what, how much and where you spent or overspent.

Payment Schedule

You can set payment schedule and/or reminder for payment of your outstanding to prevent any additional charges/interest.

Fraud Protection

Apple card comes with real time notification for any apyment made instantly. You can report any unauthorised transaction and Apple will take care of the rest.

Pricavy and Security

All security featires of Apple pay applies to Apple card.

No Card number

This is another best feature of Apple Card. There is no Card number of CVV on Apple Card. So even if you loose it, no one can misuse it.

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